Free Casino Bonuses

Online casinos like to call all their bonuses free. In a way one could call the various casino bonuses for free offers but this is only if you understand just how to use them. To get the most out of a casino bonus you should know just what it is for and what rules and conditions it comes with. Not every casino bonus is suitable to every player. By learning more about the different types of free casino bonuses you can make better choices and get more online gaming.

Casino Bonus

The casino bonus can be in the shape of money or special prizes like hardware and trips. Every casino tries to make theirs the most special and valuable by offering interesting and lucrative bonuses. There are promotions which are obvious as they greet you on the casino home page. There are also less blatant offers that are hidden inside the casino, meant for players who become regulars by playing a lot.

Welcome Bonus

As a new player in a casino you are offered some type of welcome bonus. The general idea is that you will get more money to play with. A free casino bonus can be given without any deposit required or it can be a match bonus to the money you deposit. If the bonus is a non-deposit bonus you should be aware of the conditions that are usually the same as the standard welcome bonus.

VIP Bonus

The best free casino bonuses are kept for the loyal players. As you join a new casino you are many times automatically enrolled in their player club, the VIP club. The VIP bonus is exclusive to the player club and this is a fun type of free casino bonus. The most common way to reward VIP players with free bonus money is through points programs. For all of your bets you get points which are then given back to you as money. The free VIP bonus can also be a special offer like a DVD-player or a special trip with a gambling theme.

Refer a Friend Bonus

An easy way to get a free casino bonus is to have your friends join the casino. You simply let your friends know of the casino and ask them to mention you as they join. When the friend makes a first deposit you get extra free money into your account. Sometimes this bonus also rewards the friend with extra money to play for. If the casino has the refer-a-friend bonus as part of the free promotions they also provide you with the details you need to make sure that you get the free money when your friends join.

Deposit Bonus

When you make a deposit you have a lot of options for payment to the casino. It often happens that online casinos give free casino bonuses for special payment methods. This means that you get more money to play with for every deposit you make with the specific method. If you like to play a lot it can even be worthwhile to sign up for the method which comes with the free casino bonus.