Many online casinos sell themselves through their free bonuses. But what exactly are these free bonuses and how are they helpful to the players? For those who know how to use them, free bonuses are a great help. To make the most of the free bonus, the player must know what it is all about and the various rules and regulations that accompany the free bonuses. As with other things, not every free bonus is useful for every player. You can learn more about these free casinos bonuses and choose better next time you are online gaming.


Casino Bonus

There are various forms in which casino bonus comes. It could either be as money or in some cases like trips and hardware. To win against the competition, each casino tries to make its bonus special and lucrative. The promotions are more obvious in nature. They are usually found on the home page. For those who are regulars, there are more offers hidden inside the casino site. These are available only for those players who play frequently on the casino site.

Welcome Bonus

For newbie there are different kinds of bonuses. Mostly these are welcome bonus. These entice the player by giving him money to play with on the site. In some cases, a free casino bonus which does not need any deposit. It can also be a match bonus which is basically the same amount of money from casino’s end as you deposited in your account. In case it is a non-deposit bonus, the player should check the conditions as it is similar to welcome bonus.

VIP Bonus

As expected the most valuable free casino bonuses are reserved for the regulars at the casino site. Those who join new are automatically registered in the casino’s VIP club many times. This bonus is exclusive to those who have joined the club. Usually, the VIP players are rewarded through points. For all bets that you make points are given to you as money.  A VIP bonus can also turn out to be a special gift like a strip to some place or a DVD-player.

Refer a Friend Bonus

The easiest way to earn some bonuses is by referring your friends and making them join the casino. If your friends are joining the casino and mention you, with the first deposit that they make, some extra money is put in your account. Conversely, the friend may also get some extra cash as a reward. In case the casino provides you with refer-a-friend-bonus, they sometimes share the details of your friends and the money details so you know when and through whom you got the money.

Deposit Bonus

In case you deposit some money with the casino, it will give you many options for payment. Often players get free casino bonuses for making deposits through special payment methods.  This signifies that you get more cash to play for every deposit you make with a certain method. If someone plays a lot on these sites then he stands to gain a lot though this deposit bonus.